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WORLD NEWS | Sun Nov 27, 2016 | 5:25pm EST
Fillon scores huge win in French conservative presidential primaries
By Ingrid Melander and Michel Rose | PARIS

Francois Fillon, a socially conservative free-marketeer, won France's center-right
presidential primaries on Sunday, setting up a likely showdown next year with
far-right leader Marine Le Pen that the pollsters expect him to win.

With votes from four-fifths of 10,228 polling stations counted, Fillon, who went
into Sunday's second-round run-off as firm favorite, had won over 67 percent of
the vote in a head-to-head battle with another ex-prime minister, Alain Juppe.

"I must now convince the whole country our project is the only one that can lift
us up," a visibly moved Fillon said at his campaign headquarters after Juppe
conceded defeat.
All eyes now turn to the ruling Socialist party and to whether the deeply unpopular
President Francois Hollande will decide to run for the left-wing ticket in his
party's primaries in January, amid signs that his prime minister, Manuel Valls, is
considering a bid of his own.
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